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Right here, right now, you can learn about the latest development in intermittent ventilation technology - unlike anything ever seen before.

There are 3 fundamental things you really should know:

Samika is the only fan of its kind.
Samika is the launch of adaptive extraction - a fan that can be adapted at the point of installation to ensure Guaranteed Installed Performance.
Samika is a product full of SMART Applications - so once it's installed and achieving Guaranteed Installed Performance it always will. This is thanks to Greenwood HumidiSMART™ and Greenwood TimerSMART™.

So what's in it for you?

A fan that does what it says on the box - peace of mind - Guaranteed Installed Performance.
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Greenwood GIP Products.
Easier, Better, SMARTer

Loaded with SMART Applications
- our very own Greenwood Apps!

Greenwood HumidiSMART

The SMARTest way of activating the fan through changes in humidity - using man-made humidity... shower on... fan on...

Simple, effective and efficient and it won't come on on a warm summer's evening and cause nuisance noise!

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Greenwood TimerSMART

The SMARTest way of using a timer in a fan to ensure good indoor air quality - using a logical step by step approach.... in bathroom for 5 mins... overrun for 5 mins.

And if you get up in the middle of the night... no lengthy 20 min overrun causing nuisance noise!

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Not a fiddily switch in site... no need to open the fan to set up. Push button for easy, better and SMARTer set up!

Get it right first time.

Samika gets it right.

Not Under Ventilating
Not Over Ventilating

Did you know there are around 5 million homes in the UK with mould and condensation?

This could be as a result of poor ventilation.

Remember – Noise is not a sign of ventilation!  A fan might be whirring away in the corner, but it might not be ventilating effectively!!!

Did you know?

If exactly the same bathroom fan is installed in a wall, window and ceiling they would perform very differently because of impact of the ducting and their orientation, sometimes by up to 50%*!!
(or half the extraction rate it should be doing)

Under ventilation can be a serious issue.

So serious in fact that it might be too late once it is discovered... when mould is growing on the bathroom wall and you receive a call from a tenant - sound familiar?

I would like some advice please

*based on installed condition testing for walls, window and ducted ceilings

Over Ventilating is also a serious issue!

Sometimes the extract fan can be taking out too much air (when compared to the requirements of regulations).

This can cause unncessary heat loss in homes.

Samika's adaptive extraction means it does what it needs to for its installation. This means optimal ventilation and no unnecessary heat or energy wastage.

Based on modelling a typical house and heating season, Samika's adaptive extraction means it can reduce heat loss by 30%**

This will be costing your tenants money!

** Based on comparing intermittent ventilation products available in the UK market.

Did you know?

16 pints of moisture are created by the average family in a week as a result of cooking, bathing and breathing. So ventilation even in existing homes needs to be effective. If the fan installed in the room isn't doing what it needs to be doing what will be the impact over 10 weeks, 20 weeks, or an entire year?

Adaptive Extraction

When we talk about adapting Samika to its installation, we mean we can do just that at the touch of a button.

Ask yourself why you install fans?
  • Building Regulations and Best Practice compliance
  • Removal of moisture and indoor air pollutants
  • Elimination of mould and condensation
  • To prevent costly re-decoration
  • Protects the building over the long-term
  • Promotes a good level of indoor air quality
6 speeds = 6 Installations
Wall, Window and Ducted Ceiling Applications


WC's and Bathrooms (100mm) or
Utility rooms and Kitchens (150mm)
With a simple push-button design Samika can be adapted.
Greenwood GIP Products are designed to assist in the delivery of GIP onsite. This means that you have total confidence that the fan has been designed to do exactly what it is supposed to! Easier, Better and SMARTer for all!
  • It’s a unique fan – the only intermittent one with adaptable installation options that assist in Guaranteed Installed Performance.
  • It has a discreet design so that it blends in with its surroundings - and it's quiet when running (like all of our other solutions).
  • It’s a filterless design so requires no on-going maintenance and is fully guaranteed!
  • It has Greenwood SMART Technology included so it’s one of the SMARTest around – helping save more energy and keep your tenants happy without nuisance running.
  • If you've got to install fans in windows - we have the safest option - designed in conjunction with housing professionals responsible for secure housing, our window kit really is unlike anything else on the market.
  • In 1 year you could run 55 Samika fans for the same cost as running 1 leading brand games console for the entire year (based on 2 hours per day).
    Samika costs as little as 11pence to run for the entire year*

    *based on 1.5 hours per day @12.6pence per unit

It's all about GIP

It's all about GIP

It's all about GIP

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Remember - it's about SMART Technology.

Samika is the latest addition to the Greenwood range to include Greenwood's revolutionary SMART Technology including;

Greenwood TimerSMART

A new and logical approach to timer operation used in domestic ventilation fans and whole house systems.

Greenwood HumidiSMART

A new and revolutionary way of using humidity levels to provide effective ventilation in domestic properties all year round.

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